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Premier Men

Head Coach: Garth Prouse
Asst. Coach: Rob Snowden, Ryan Nelson
Mgr.: Gary Yuen

The Capilano Premier Men play in the BC Rugby Men’s Premier League for the 2017-2018 season. Continue »

Premier Women

Head Coach: Carlos Valle
Asst. Coach: Will Newbigin, Gary Cartwright, Jesse Ryan
Mgr.: Carli Shott

The Capilano Premier Women complete in the BC Rugby Premier League. Continue »

Premier Reserve Men

Coach: Ryan Nelson, Rob Snowden
Mgr.: Gary Yuen

The Capilano Premier Reserve Men (previously the 1st Division Men)┬áplay in the BC Rugby Premier Reserve Men’s league. The Premier Reserve Men play on Saturday’s at the same location as the Premier Men. Continue »

2nd Division Women

Head Coach: Will Newbigin
Asst. Coach: Gary Cartwright, Jesse Ryan
Mgr.: Carli Shott

The Capilano Rugby Club reestablished the 2nd Division Women’s team in 2016. This team plays in the BC Rugby Women’s 2nd Division and is a development side for female rugby players. Continue »

3rd Div Team ‘B’

Coach: Chris Lumsden, Nick Belmar, Craig McLaren

Killer Beez Assemble!!!!

Repeat anyone?

As you may have heard, there have been some changes to the structure of the BCRU for this season. There are no more half seasons and this year the 3rd Division will run as one full season from September to May. Additionally, playoff eligibility has also been changed; each player must participate in 1/3 of all regular season games in order to be eligible for playoffs. Continue »

U-23 Academy Men

Head Coach: Bruce Bowman
Asst. Coach: Sam Lanigan
Mgr.: Bryson Laleune

The Capilano U-23 Academy Men compete in the BC Rugby U-23 league for the 2017-2018 season. The team is coached by Bruce Bowman and Sam Lanigan. Continue »