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Mini/Youth Rugby Home

Start times for Mini and Youth Groups

  • Sunday morning sessions
  • U7/U9 – check in starts at 8:30 ends 8:45 and practice starts at 9:00 am
    • U7/U9 will be on the lower field
    • Practices are 60 minutes no longer
  • U11/U13 – check in starts at 9:00 ends at 9:15 and practice starts at 9:30 am
    • U11/U13 will be on the upper field
    • Practices are 60 minutes no longer
  • Monday and Wednesday evening sessions
  • Youth (Junior Group) – check in starts at 5:30pm ends 5:45pm and practice starts at 6:00pm
    • Youth (Junior Group) will be on the lower field
    • Practices are 60 minutes no longer
  • Youth (Senior Group) – check in starts at 6:00pm ends at 6:15pm and practice starts at 6:30pm
    • Youth (Senior Group) will be on the upper field
    • Practices are 60 minutes no longer


2020 Fall Programming Key Dates:

August 31, 2020 – Registration opens for all Capilano RFC Mini and Youth groups.

September 21, 2020 – Effective start date for programming for all Capilano RFC Youth groups

September 27, 2020 – Effective start date for programming for all Capilano RFC Mini groups

December 7, 2020 – Last date of programming for all Capilano RFC Youth groups

Frequently Asked Questions:

1 – No team snap – information comes from managers and Sportlomo – generated by managers.

BCRU is having everyone use Sportlomo for all the Covid stuff.  It’s a huge admin system that Canadian rugby uses (you may have also used it to buy your sevens tickets).  Team snap is useful for folks like us at the club level, but since there are no games, we are not using it (and paying for it) this year.  The catch is that Sportlomo will only use one email – the one you registered with. 

2. Attestation

To attest, you have to click the link in the Sportlomo notification email, or, log in to your Sportlomo account, the one you used to register, and click the attendance clipboard along the left hand side, or on a mobile device, the blue square at the top for drop down.  Attestation can only be done 18 hours ahead of your event.

Below is a video BCRU made to direct us.

3.Volunteers and attending the club

Covid rules dictate that only registered players, coaches and volunteers who have attested online ahead of time, may enter the grounds.  To get on an attestation list, the club needs to know which group you are working with (eg, some youth players are also coaching minis).

We need lots of volunteers for check in.  We would love to have you!  The amazing Brighid who is taking on a ton of the Covid safety stuff (thankyou!!!), has made a sign up google docs sheet.  Please do sign up!


To Volunteer, you must register with Sportlomo the same way you did for the player, but select Volunteer and you will not be charged, and will then be “official”.  Also, we can add registered volunteers to attestation lists so you can come to the club.

3.  Practices are at 600 and 630 on Mondays and Wednesdays.

The U13-U19 group is divided into two groups, Junior and Senior – Generally by age, buddy groups, carpools, etc.  

The Junior group starts at 600 with check in at 530/545

The Senior group starts at 630 with check in at 600/645

The groups are attached, if you are not sure which group you are in please have a look.  New registrations will not be on these lists yet – I printed them on Friday.

Will let you know via the website the schedule for any holidays and for the final practice when it is decided.

4. When you arrive at the club 

When you arrive at the club, please enter through the gap in the chain link fence onto the north side of the all weather field. IT says RUGBY with an arrow on the concrete. Follow the signs along the fence to the check in tent.  After sanitizing your hands, and checking in, you will be directed to your field.  Juniors in front of the Grand stands and Seniors on the upper field.  Do not run across the field to your group if you are late.  You MUST check in first.

5. Leaving the club

After helping to bring in all the signs and equipment, players will exit either along the far field by the squash club or along the driveway from the club house into the parking lot.  Depending on which field they are leaving from.

6. Looking for Information http://www.capilanorfc.com/mini-youth-rugby-home/

The club website is updated regularly and will have practice times, things to note, weather alerts and cancellations all posted on it. Please check here if you think you may have missed information somewhere such as your spam folder. 

Contact information:

All questions about programming can be directed to the club by emailing info@capilanorfc.com. For information regarding the Capilano RFC COVID-19 protocols please visit the Capilano RFC COVID-19 Homepage at http://www.capilanorfc.com/covid-19-home/