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Facilities and Rentals

Located at the northern foot of the Lions Gate Bridge, Klahanie Park — which houses both the clubhouse and fields — is available for rental by sporting groups, community associations, not-for-profit groups and corporate meetings as well as private social events such as anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and memorial services.

Contact us to arrange to see the facilities or inquire about booking availability.


Klahanie Park
305 Klahanie Court
West Vancouver, B.C. V7P 3P5


Playing Surfaces:

  • Two full-sized grass playing fields (Upper and Lower)
  • Covered seating for up to 250 overlooking the Lower Field
  • One all-weather sand-covered playing surface (full-sized)


  • Paved parking lot for up to 45 vehicles
  • Parking for up to 200+ vehicles on all-weather field when not in use

Facilities: Clubhouse Upper Level – Wheelchair Accessible

  • Main hall — Alex Mahood Room, with seating for up to 125, large-screen TV and HD projector with screen;
  • Presidents room — seating for up to 30 patrons/gas fireplace;
  • Bar — long frontage, multiple fridges, double coffee machine, debit & credit card capabilities, staff onsite;
  • Wireless Internet access throughout the upper level;
  • Full men’s and women’s washroom facilities
  • PA system/speakers available
  • Complete industrial kitchen (Available upon completion of Phase 2 of renovations, expected date autumn 2012)

Facilities: Clubhouse lower level

  • Two supplemental/visitor change rooms (With showers and toilets);
  • Three primary/home change rooms;
  • Multiple shower rooms;
  • Weight room/training facilities;
  • Ice machine/referee change room;
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) device;
  • Men’s and women’s washroom facilities

Planning for the Future:

The Club is nearing completion of an extensive renovation program to upgrade the clubhouse and playing field facilities. These renovations will improve and expand the facilities and services the Club provides to playing members, visitors and the community. Expected date of completion is fall/winter 2012.