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Capilano RFC Match Reports – September 14, 2019

September 16, 2019
Posted by crob

After a 9 hour bus trip from Klahanie, including a 4.5 hour wait at the U.S. Border, this scribe missed half of the Women’s game. They had a similar tedious trip, leaving earlier but also 4.5 hours at the U.S. Border.

Premier Women

With only a warm up on the bus and straight onto the field to kick-off, the Capilano Women were a bit slow to start. They kicked off and initially pinned Seattle in their own end but after a string of penalties and some strong Seattle offence, the opening points in the game were from a penalty kick straight in front of the posts. 3-0 Seattle. The rest of the 30 minute first half was very quick rugby and a bit of a blur for the players, however there were some strong moments from the Capilano Women who travelled with no back subs and had new, youthful faces on the field. Special mentions to Carson graduates Zekeya Baguinon and Sahel Tehrani who have decided to play Senior Women instead of participating in he U19 program, we look forward to watching them develop into strong Capilano club members. Another Carson grad, Dallas Bauder got some field time in the second half at front row versus an experienced Seattle scrum. Another new face was Alberta transplant Savannah Bacchus who also played out of position but held her own against some very strong Seattle ball carriers.

The score coming out of halftime was Seattle 24- Capilano 5. From the sideline perspective,  the Capilano women were in the game but not precise with the ball. A few errant passes and knock-ons allowed Seattle’s fullback to gain some yards up the sideline and with a good support line from their #8, scored early in the second half. Capilano then gained some momentum and were on the Saracen’s 20 but could not finish for the points. The Saracen’s ended the game with another converted try, final score Seattle 38- Capilano 19. Another special mention to Chloe Ralph for scoring her first Premier Women’s try on a beautiful run to the corner. Melissa Robinson scored two as well, one off a great switch from #9 Christina Burnham on the Saracens goal line. Macy Munson was two for three on conversions. The Capilano Women congratulate the Seattle Saracens on a hard fought match and look forward to the next game, hopefully without any border delays!

Premier Men

The Cap men had a very short warm up and it showed, knocking on the opening kickoff. Fortunately, they were able to recover and score at the 2 minute mark. Jeremy passed to Johnny Franklin who passed to Kiwi Phil down the sideline. He passed back inside to JF who scored under the posts. Jeremy converted the try.

Poor control on the next reset resulted in two set scrums on the Caps 5m line. Saracens swung it wide and scored in the corner. Seattle converted the try to make it 7-7.

Seattle kicked the ball from the restart to give the Caps a lineout on the halfway line. The Caps worked it out wide before Jeremy kicked an up and under which was recovered by the Caps and volleyed to the wing. Ben Cameron scored with Jeremy converting to make it 14-7.

At the 23min the Caps caught the kickoff before knocking it on. The Saracens backs then knocked the ball on. Saracens player Taufuna took a yellow card for a late tackle and Jeremy kicked 3 points to make it 17-7.

The Caps dropped another kickoff which gave the Saracens a lineout deep in Caps territory. The lineout was mauled across the Caps line with the #8 Potter scoring for Seattle.

The halftime score was 17-14 in favour of the Caps. This was a 30-minute half due to the travel delays.

Seattle Saracens dropped the opening kickoff of the second half. Several knock-ons followed by both sides, eventually resulting in a Caps penalty at the set giving us another 5m lineout. Jason de Freitas touched down for a try from a Caps mauling lineout. Jeremy converted the try to make it 24-14.

Another messy kickoff reception from the Caps led to a Saracens scrum. The Saracens #17 broke through the Caps line to score under the posts. With the convert the score was 24-21.

After some more kicks and penalties, the Caps turned the ball over from Seattle and sent JF down the sideline. He passed to Kiwi Phil for a try which Jeremy converted. 31-21 for the Caps.

The Caps knocked on another kickoff. Seattle scored off a Caps penalty but couldn’t convert the try. 31-26 for the Caps. The Saracens got some momentum but eventually, after some hard defence, they knocked the ball on giving the Caps a set on the 22m.

Each team traded knock-ons in the final five minutes. Caps #2 Adrien Carcy stole the ball around midfield. The Caps swung the ball out until a high tackle on a Caps player created a penalty. Jeremy kicked deep into the Saracens corner. The Caps mauled in the lineout with Adrien scoring on the last play of the game. Jeremy converted to make the final score 38-26 for the Caps Premier Men.  

Premier Reserve Men

Similar to the Premier game and consistent with early season rugby, there was a multitude of mauls and knock-ons early in the game.

At the four-minute mark the Caps took a penalty for not releasing. The Saracens followed up by taking a penalty for not rolling away.

Caps took another penalty which resulted in a lineout deep in Caps territory. Seattle mauled it across the Caps line but fortunately this was held up. However, shortly afterwards the Saracens scored out wide and converted to make it 0-7 at the half. Again, shortened halves due to the travel issues.

Another series of knock-on led to a deep kick from the Cap 22 leading to another Saracens penalty and another 5m lineout for the Caps. The ball was won but knocked on in the backs which was as close as the Caps came to scoring on this day.

The Caps lost two sets to the Saracens which led to one of the Saracen forwards scoring. The convert was missed to make the final score 12-0 in favour of Seattle.

A promising aspect of the game was allowing some of the Caps young Thirds to display their stuff and experience Reserve grade rugby.

Although it was a nightmare travel day which negatively impacted both clubs, the Saracens were gracious in their hosting and after match rituals. Thanks to the referees and trainers who also had very long days.

Some Capilano milestones of note on the day:

Saturday in Seattle was the first Premier Men’s start for Ryan Scott and Johnny Adams.

Gary Cartwright, Chris Lumsden, Jesse Ryan and Glen McKinnon filled in to coach and organize the Capilano Men and Women on this trip for Garth and An. Gary and Jesse also suited up to play while Lumpy and Glen were both ready with boots on but did not get into the games.

Congrats to Men’s Head Coach Garth and Tory on the arrival of their baby boy on Friday!