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Capilano RFC Women’s Playoff Reports – Saturday April 27, 2019

April 29, 2019
Posted by crob

Capilano 2nd Division Semifinal against Ridge Meadows:

Caps win an entertaining game 51-22 to advance to the BC Finals next weekend.

Quite an interesting Day. Caps were supposed to have 2 games, one against Ridge Meadows for the 2nd Division Semifinal and the second game against Castaway Wanderers to see who advanced to the Premier Women’s Final. Things changed as CW was unable to get to the lower mainland while Seattle couldn’t get to Vancouver Island. The BC Rugby Competition Committee made a decision to send Seattle to play Capilano and have CW play Westshore.

Caps 2nd Division played a game young side from Ridge Meadows in an exciting contest. Caps scored early on a fine run by Soph Zubrycky who is an excellent young prospect. The conversion was good and it was 7-0. Caps center Chloe Ralph scored another unconverted try to make it 12-0. Soph Zubrycky broke away again and it looked good but her pass that could have been a try was dropped. Ridge Meadows struck back with a try by Chelsea Rodgers to get them into the game. The conversion was good and it was 12-7. Caps got a penalty and did a quick tap that went to prop Shelby Slay who scored a well taken try. Shelby is new to rugby and is improving each time out. The conversion was missed and it was 17-7 for Caps. Number 17 for Ridge Meadows began to show her stuff for the visitors. She made some huge hits and her runs are reminiscent of those by Cap Canada player Hilary Leith. Chloe Ralph finished off what I would call a nice team try by Capilano that went from the forwards and out to Chloe who finished it off. The score was 22-7 but number 17 scored for Ridge Meadows on a hard run and she was not going to be stopped. The conversion was missed and the score was now 22-12. Ridge Meadows came close again following a good run by their number 10 Aphra Taylor she was just stopped short by good Capilano defense. A try here would have put Ridge Meadows close and squarely in the game. The visitors kept up the pressure though and they were rewarded with a score by Dawn Alicia Hebert. The conversion was made by Chelsea Rodgers to close the score to 22-17 at the half. The young Ridge Meadows side had fought their way back to make it close. Capilano needed to turn up the heat in the second half and they did! Capilano scored to make it 27-17. Ridge Meadows almost struck back with another huge run by number 17 who was pushed into touch by the Capilano cover play, saving the score. Caps then assaulted the Ridge Meadows goal line and came close but the defenders stopped them. Caps swung the ball wide and Sam Westhaver finished it in the corner. The score was 32-17 and Caps stretched out their lead and got scores by Mia Hill, Chloe Ralph, Soph Zubrycky and a Ridge Meadows try by Aphra Taylor. The final score was 51-22 in a hard hitting game. Thanks to the Ridge Meadows team that look like an up and coming side. Congratulations to the Capilano players and coaches on an excellent team effort. Thanks to the referee for his solid contribution to the game. The Capilano fans and men’s teams really got out in support of their team mates today and that was great to see. Next week is the Provincial Finals at Burnaby Lake. Get out and support our Capilano Women. They really deserve it! Go Caps

John Langley

Capilano Premier Women vs Seattle:

An unusual wild windy Saturday saw games in the Women’s Premier Semifinals switched to accommodate the inability of Seattle to get to the island and CW unable to get to the mainland. This resulted in Seattle coming to the North Shore to play Capilano and CW staying on the island to play Westshore.

The 12:45 kick-off was adjusted to 2:45 so that the travelers from Seattle could have time to get to NV and warm up properly. I’m sure this affected both teams as the Capilanos had what seemed like a two hour warm up and Seattle had an extremely long drive to the ferry terminal and then across town to NV.

However, in typical rugby fashion, no one complained and soon the storyline of the game was front and center. 

The game itself was a clinic put on by the Capilanos. They were relentless on defense and creative on offence. The engine room was running the show in the pack and the backs were lining up to have a go at every chance. The result was 12 tries to 3 for the Caps.

The game started with # 12 Munson creating space from a nice run and leaving # 4 Hake (who had a strong game) to open the Capilano account. On the ensuing kick-off Caps won the ball and after several passes across the pitch # 14 Cumming dotted down. The backs were at it again only a few minutes later with a nice juke by # 9 Burnham who flipped to #12 Munson who then passed it to #13 Marwick for a third try. Caps #1 Nelson caught the kick-off again and almost carbon copied the previous try only this deposit was made by #15 Ashley Robinson. This made the score 22-0 Caps after 10 minutes so it was looking like Seattle was in for a tough score line.

But as is typical of Seattle, they fought back with determination. A penalty kick and a converted try had visitors close the gap to 22-10 for the Caps. The Caps revved their engine after the Seattle burst and had two tries in quick succession from # 3 Melissa Robinson and # 12 Munson to widen the gap to 32-10 at the half.

The second half saw Caps get tries from # 14 Cumming, (2) # 13 Marwick, # 1 Nelson, # 15 Robinson, and #11 Muir. Seattle popped a couple of consolation tries near full time and the final was 68-22 for the Capilanos.

It should be noted that Seattle was missing their USA Eagle winger who is a game changer, but on this day it might have changed the numbers but not the outcome.

For the Caps it is important to give a shout out to a few forwards who may not have scored a try but were instrumental in the outcome. # 7 Stamatakis, # 8 Nicholson, # 2 Boag, # 6 Hanna, and # 5 Josephides were all noticed for their set pieces which were solid all afternoon.

Thank you to the officials and Seattle for playing the game under challenging circumstances.

Next up the BC Finals so come and support your Capilano RFC Women. 

Steve Feenstra