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Pink Day Match Reports – Saturday October 21

October 31, 2017
Posted by crob

Breast Cancer Awareness was a huge success!

The Capilano Women continue their winning ways! The Caps men had a rough day but the Premier Men make their point (1 bonus) and hopefully a statement for the future, in a close loss to a somewhat depleted but still tough Burnaby Lake side. Both teams are missing starters but it was still a classic Burnaby /Capilano encounter.

It was Breast Cancer Awareness day at Klahanie Park. Despite the inclement weather the event was a huge success. Craig McLaren deserves much credit for his stewardship of this worthy event. It is always a great day when Burnaby comes en masse and supports this event as do the other opposing teams and the Capilano faithful.

Capilano 2nd Division Women and Premier Women (Reports to be added soon):

CApilano Academy Under 23: The young Caps lost to UBC 36-0

Caps did play better today and lowered the differential between the two clubs. Caps also had several scoring chances, but were stopped by good UBC tackling. UBC gets the crème of BC high school graduating players and from elsewhere. Congratulations to UBC and thanks to the referee.

Capilano 3B’s lost this game 18-17

This was a tough loss for the Capilano 3B’s. They were missing several players and were up against a good opponent. I didn’t see much of this game as it was on at the same time as the Capilano Premier Women. The score says it all as it was a hard fought game which could have gone either way. Congratulation to the Lomas and thanks to the referee for her efforts.

The Capilano Burnaby Reserve Game: Burnaby won this game handily by a score of 36-3

This is a very experienced, undefeated Burnaby 15 and the Caps are going through a rebuild with lots of young players, many who played Academy last season. Burnaby was good value for the win and scored early and often. Caps only managed a penalty kick. The young Caps did not quit and put in a hard 80 minutes. Caps took too many penalties including two yellow cards, so played two men short for a short time. Burnaby scored while enjoying the manpower advantage. They also scored before and after that. I did not record the Burnaby scorers, hopefully that will come from the Burnaby Lake report. Caps brought on some Academy players in the second half. Young prop Arsalan Schaigan, who is 19 made a monster hit in front of the grandstand to stop a Burnaby run. For Burnaby the Vikilani’s at #6 and #8 were having a good outing. In the backs number 10 Neil Maclaine, 11 Bryan Murphy and John Mcloughlin impressed. Congratulations to Burnaby and thanks to the referee Mr. Brett Hay.

The Premier Game: Burnaby won this one 13-11 Caps

The rain that had been fairly light came down much heavier throughout this game. It was not a backs day, the ball was greasy as was the pitch! Burnaby struck early with a penalty kick by number 12 James Reekie. Caps number 10 Steven Cassells, tied it with a penalty kick. It was 3-3. Burnaby got another shot but this time Reekie missed and he seemed to lose his touch after that. Kickers sometimes have off days and this was not James Reekie’s best game. Perhaps this Capilano team, in Horse Racing terms, are mudders! One could see fairly early on that this was not going to be a try fest. Burnaby had the advantage in getting hold of loose ball and turnovers and this I felt was the reason that they managed a victory. Caps have not been getting enough ball to Adam Zaruba and the Cap backs have not played well in recent games. Today Cassells was steady at 10, and Chad Carlsen who has played all over the backline had by far his best game of the season, and probably staked his claim on the inside center position. Austin Karius was solid at fullback.

Adam Zaruba scored a powerful try to get the Caps back into the game. Burnaby had taken an 8-3 lead on a try by Dan Josok. The Zaruba romp tied the game at 8. Caps also moved Adam around and tried to get more ball to him despite the bad conditions. Caps lost young prop Rowan Baker early on and he had to be replaced by Jesse Ryan who did a good job off the bench. Burnaby missed another attempted penalty kick but kept the pressure on in the Capilano end. Burnaby scored a well taken try swinging the ball out wide right and scoring in the corner I couldn’t see the number of the player that scored but I believe it was the outside center. This gave Burnaby a 13-8 lead, the convert missed but Burnaby had the lead. Caps were awarded a penalty kick and went for the lineout in Burnaby territory. Unfortunately for Caps the ball went to ground and Burnaby secured it snuffing out the Cap attack. Caps got a turnover ball in mid field and it looked like they might have a chance to score but the whistle had sounded for a Burnaby knock on. Cap fans wondered where the advantage rule was but perhaps the whistle was sounded early. Burnaby looked like they might be away down the left wing but the Cap cover stopped this attack. Caps attacked Burnaby with a run by Chad Carlsen. The Burnaby winger went in for the tackle and unfortunately he didn’t get up. The player was in distress and it was decided to call an ambulance. The Burnaby reserves, in a smart move, moved their tent over to cover their team mate. It was decided to finish the game on the upper field. Fortunately the young man was able to get to his feet when the ambulance arrived. Hopefully he is not seriously injured! There was 20 minutes left in the game. The move to the top field left a lot of fans in the stands and they tried keeping dry and watching from afar. The hard core supporters went up to the sidelines in the pouring rain. The teams battled hard and Caps did manage to get the ball deep into the Burnaby end. A penalty was awarded to Capilano and it was decided to go for the posts as there was quite a bit of time left on the clock. It was back and forth after that but there was no further scoring and Burnaby kicked the ball out to end the game. It was a hard fought loss for Capilano but hopefully a statement was made for better results in the future. Burnaby as I said earlier was a bit better securing the loose ball and to me that was the difference between the two sides. Thanks to referee Mr. Mason and his assistants. The teams headed in to shower and then filled the Capilano Clubhouse. It was a good hard rugby game culminating what had been a great rugby day! For the Cap men it is off to Nanaimo next Saturday. Apparently Nanaimo played a very good first half against James Bay before going down to defeat so they can’t be taken lightly. Go Caps!

John Langley