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Four CRFC teams in BCRU semis tomorrow with one game at home

April 28, 2017
Posted by Jan-Christian Sorensen

11:30am Ridge Meadows Women at Capilano 2nd Division Women (Klahanie)
The Capilano 2nd Division Women look to defend Klahanie Park as the only Caps team playing at home this weekend. The Caps will take on Ridge Meadows at 11:30am on the Bob Spray Field. These two teams played on March 25th with the Caps coming out on top 30-12. The BC Rugby Women’s 2nd Division plays 10 a-side rugby. Get down to Klahanie this Saturday to support the Women!

Starters: 1. Nathalie Beliveau 2. Jess Hanna (C) 3. Ellie Woods 4. Erika Smortchevsky 5. Jakey Ellwood 6. Cheyenne Conrad 7. Kelsey Bisaro 8. Mia Hill 9. Kara Day 10. Karina Christensen

Reserves: 11. Grainne McDermott 12. Mina Parry 13. Pauntehah Poursaba 14. Alex Auger 15. Justine LeBlond 16. Arden Tempest 17. Suhad Mardikian

1:00pm Capilano 3rd Division Men at Comox 3rd Division Men (Comox)
The Capilano 3B’s travel to Vancouver Island this weekend to take on the Comox Valley Kickers. The Caps 3B’s have had many former players come back to the club to play this season and they put together an impressive season only losing once. These two teams did not play this season and expect Comox to field a strong 3rddivision side as they do every year.

Starters: 1. Mike Smith 2. Tim Rhone 3. Matt Plant 4. Robbie McCall 5. James Lawson 6. Brad Wightman 7. Craig McLaren 8. John Webster 9. Shane Sanford 10. Nick Belmar 11. Sion Evans 12. Kevin Hatch (C) 13. Alec Douglas 14. Danny Hatch 15. Babak Manavi

1:00pm Capilano Premier Women at Westshore Premier Women  (Westshore)
The first of two Capilano and Westshore matches will see the Capilano Premier Women in a rematch from last weekend. The Caps Women were defeated by Westshore at home last weekend and they look for payback this weekend. Westshore has been at the top of the table all season and will be hard to knock off at home however the Capilano Premier Women have pulled off multiple strong victories on the road this season. This should be a great match with many high level Canadian women on the field from both teams.

Starters: 1. Nevene Hammound 2. Megan Copeland Dinan 3. Melissa Robinson (C) 4. Anna Navrot 5. Stacey Hake 6. Louisa Hadley 7. Nicola Jones 8. Lindsey Nicholson 9. Jacklyn Simington 10. Jackie Tittley 11. Heather Muir 12. Andrea Burk 13. Genevieve Bittorf 14. Shawnee Monchalin 15. Ashley Robinson

Reserves: 16. Vanessa Janzen 17.Demi Stamatakis 18. Krissy Morley

2:45pm Capilano U23 Academy Men at Westshore 3rd Division Men (Westshore)
The final match of the day will see the Capilano U23 academy take on the Westshore 3rd Division Men. The Caps look to build off a strong victory over SFU at home last weekend. Coach Bowman has the young guys well prepared to head into playoff action this weekend. These two teams did not play this season, Westshore finished in first place in the Island 3rd Division competition this season. It is great to see the majority of the Caps young guys coming from local high schools. It is also great to see almost all the high schools represented. Thank you to all the high school coaches on the North Shore!! Go Caps Go!!

Starters: 1. Tom Ruffalls (Handsworth) 2. Arlison Castaneto (Carson Graham) 3. Arsalan Schaigan (West Vancouver) 4.Graham Swanston (Argyle) 5. Jack Rainer (Rockridge) 6. Liam Doherty (Rockridge) 7. Joe Britt (Argyle) 8. Marcus Lankford (Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge UK) 9. Malcolm Klaver (Rockridge) 10. Mario Gaffuri (Handsworth) 11. Isaac Stone (Handsworth) 12. Flynn Heyes (Carson Graham) 13. Darrian Matassa-Fung (Seycove) 14. Ty Powell (Sutherland) 15. Cam Waddell (West Vancouver)

Reserves: 16. Rowan Baker (Carson Graham) 17. Matt Murphy (Seycove) 18. Dustin Kazakoff (Rockridge) 19. Michael Brini (Saint Thomas Aquinas) 20. Jack Tsui (Argyle) 21. Adam Daher (Sentinel) 22. Kyle Landon (Seycove)